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ATGen Biotechnology Innovation 

Their services´ demand increased exponentially but they were able to continue focusing its resources on their business´ core. This through the automation of customer service.
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About ATGen

It is a  biotechnology company. Founded in 2001, it is Faculty of Sciences of the University of the Republic in Uruguay´s first spin-off company. Such origins determine the innovative character that defines their bussiness and that has earned them multiple awards and recognitions. 

Why did they choose Simpletech

Simpletech definitely provides the best time on the market.  This is thanks to their technology providers and its Wittysuite platform, which was designed from scratch, to provide a simple, code-free interface when creating user experiences. In addition, they outlined its integration API. The SaaS business model adapts to unpredictable changes in demand, providing costs in accordance with the added value for the company and its end customers. 
Sobre ATGen

“When the solution was implemented, the company had been left without customer service, given the explosive demand for our services during COVID-19. Our phone lines were completely saturated, even our personal phones went down. It was impossible to accompany this demand with human agents. The only way to solve was by incorporating the Wittybots chatbot."  

Project Coordinator at ATGen



Meeting the growing demand for services during COVID-19 explotion, their operations and communications with its clients was a main challenge. The company went from performing 4 to 5 daily tests to a peak of 60,000 tests in one day in the midst of the health crisis.



Before COVID-19 crisis, ATGen focused on research, innovation, and B2B services. They needed to adapt quickly to grow their B2C activities .
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“We are very happy with the results and amazed by the speed of its implementation. In just three days they finished the project, created the WhatsApp API account and we had users interacting through that channel. "  

Bussiness Development Director at ATGen


The Automation provided by Wittybots through the WhatsApp Business API allowed them to cope with unexpected fluctuations in demand. This, while maintaining a relatively small team of 4 agents, using our Wittyagents platform when the user requests human attention. 
The technical laboratory team went from 10 people to 100. On the other hand, the customer service team did not change in size, beyond the rapid growth in demand. This was only possible thanks to the agile automation implemented with Wittybots in the WhatsApp Business API of the company. 
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The virtual assistant flow provides instructions for obtaining the results of the COVID-19 test, the company's most in-demand service. 
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The ATGen bot notifies the latest COVID-19 testing requirements and offers discounts on diagnostic services.

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What they value the most
about the Solution

The easy and fast implementation. 
In just 3 days the Simpletech team finished the project.


     90% improvement  on the Customer Satisfaction Level.  
     70,000 with users  unique to  through WhatsApp. 
     Savings of 20 salaries that would have been required in times of peak demand for the service.
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