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What is blockchain besides a buzzword?


It is a disruptive technology that will create a new digital generation, the internet of value.

Its most popular use has been cryptocurrencies, but it is only one of its applications. Industries such as Insurance, Logistics, Finance, Trading, Governments and others, already know their benefits.

SEcurity, transparency, decentralization, immutability, guarantees

This new technology represents a paradigm shift for:

  • Reducing costs

  • Sharing information safely and efficiently

  • Automate and optimize processes

  • Exchange intangibles with tangible qualities

  • Access new information channels

  • Improve risk management in the company

Its possibilities are as diverse as problems to solve


Distribution and consumer goods

Many agents or intermediaries? 

Difficulties in tracking products or identifying responsible?

Secure, immutable and decentralized registration of Blockchain will make the integration between the parties without audits. You can access information in seconds without the need to involve more than one actor. Obtain the history of each article and procedure in your company. Offer transparency and information about the quality of your products to your customers.


Does your company not use renewable energy yet?

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) are an established instrument to track renewable energy from its origin to its final consumer.

Recognized for the main sustainability reporting initiatives, they help meet renewable energy goals, particularly in countries and regions where other renewable energy acquisition solutions may be difficult or unavailable.


The world is changing its dependence on fossil fuels towards renewable sources. Blockchain contributes and deepens this change by allowing different actors to have a more leading role. Any actor, regardless of size, can consume energy from any producer without relying on a central regulatory agent.


Promote transparency in the industry and prevent fraud is possible?

Blockchain provides a reliable business environment. Through efficient information exchange, avoiding multiple data sources. Fraud and transparency prevention. Solution to reinsurance problems, intermediaries, claims process management, policy update. New distribution and payment models.


Problems to corroborate data and fraud?

Blockchain offers a new and innovative way to verify the identity of a borrower. Create shared and trusted credit stories. It allows to share and keep confidential data more securely. It allows for less expensive and faster capital flows.


Blockchain is not the answer to everything,

 it is necessary to understand

its virtues, as well as its limitations 


That is why SimpleTECH offers impartial advice for your company.

We work with you to know your project and provide independent strategic advice considering whether Blockchain is suitable or not for your NEED, and if our solutions add GENUINE VALUE to solve your problem. We evaluate your requirements to provide you with a recommendation and thus address and implement your Blockchain project.


We create a prototype to be tested in contrast to your requirements and technical needs. Our developers and designers work with you to optimize the product according to your need.

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