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We quickly developed a WhatsApp chatbot that allowed us to reorganize the collapsed delivery and customer service system in Uruguay.
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DHL is the global leader in the logistics industry and has a history of more than 40 years in the Uruguayan market. The company has more than 380,000 collaborators, in more than 220 countries that have an impact on the international shipping, courier services and cargo transport sector.  

Solution through Automation


How to reactivate a crashed shipping system 

Together with Simpletech, DHL Uruguay managed to reactivate the shipping system to the Cuban market by implementing an automated online agenda system. 

After the first user interaction, the bot sends the welcome message where flow and service options are displayed. 
Sobre DHL
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“We value working with providers like Simpletech who are allies, who understand us and put their best into working hand in hand, solving issues, thinking about processes, guiding us and collaborating beyond the sale.”  

Head of Retail at DHL Uruguay

More details about the Solution


Context of crisis that made the operation impossible

“Prior to the electronic agenda, we had collapsed all the DHL stores. After the implementation, we managed to work in an orderly manner, organizing the demand and the delivery system. We cannot imagine how we would have done it without this solution”.  Sofía Storace, Head of Retail at DHL Uruguay



Custom chatbot on WhatsApp for Business


A 100% customized chatbot was designed with agility that allows users to enter their package data with fields specially implemented according to the needs of DHL and its logistics system. Through it, customers can manage the most cumbersome stage of the process , remotely, autonomously and digitally.  

In a second stage, it was possible to integrate a payment gateway to pay the cost of shipments through Abitab. In this way, the entry of the order can be carried out in an integral way with the bot of the official DHL WhatsApp account. Today the user simply has to go to the physical location to deposit their package, without having to carry out any type of administrative management on site. 


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What they value the most
about the Solution

The practicality that automation gave the work team. 

 Savings in management times.  

 The usability of the tool, not only in the design  of chatbot´s flows, but also when assisting people with human agents.

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“You work very comfortably with Simpletech. Above all things, with high professionalism and knowledge of the cause. They make the job much easier. So much so that we continue to look for new ways to enhance our growth together.”  

Head of Retail at DHL Uruguay
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