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renewable energy

an investment

in future 

energy transition

Energy is necessary for the development of economies, while its production impacts directly on our planet.

That is why we are facing an imminent energy transition, which implies a long-term structural change.


The energy transition comprises four areas that redefine the world of energy: 4D, decarbonization, digitalization, decentralization and consumption reduction.

the 4D


A low carbon energy system requires the rapid development of renewable energies. More competitive due to lower production costs and technological advances, especially solar energy.



Our relationship with energy needs to be rethought. Decentralized production methods, such as solar installations, will allow the generation of renewable energy locally. It is necessary to develop innovation solutions to store and re-distribute energy in the network.




Digitization requires the development of new connected technologies. From the remote control of heating or lighting to the interconnection of devices, the challenge is to make the home safer, more comfortable and more economical.




Establishing new services and technologies allows to increase energy efficiency in all sectors, for companies and individuals. Smart grids, connected objects, artificial intelligence.

a business challenge

Companies, as the main actors in economic activity, face the challenge of having a primary role in the commitment to this energy transformation, and must use safe, reliable and profitable solutions from renewable energy sources. At the same time increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


SimpleTECH accompanies companies to face these challenges and understand how to transform them into opportunities for their business.


Our focus is on applying technologies such as Blockchain and IoT to help companies make more efficient use of energy, reduce their carbon footprint, simplify processes, among others.

Energia Desafio
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