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Santa Rosa Group

Grupo Santa Rosa managed to increase the response rate exponentially   in satisfaction surveys.
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About Santa Rosa Group

It is a company that offers mobility solutions through the sale and rental of automobiles, accessories, mechanical and after-sales services. In Uruguay it is the official representative of Renault, Nissan, IVECO, JMC and Changan. It has three physical stores in Montevideo and an extensive network of affiliated dealers throughout the Uruguayan territory.

A chatbot for the automotive industry 


A flow created to improve customer care


A system for sending personalized and automated campaigns   was created through Wittysend, at the company´s WhatsApp Business account. The company already had the Wittybots tool, where it served customers and prospects through a bot. In this new case, the tool is applied to the quality area to manage satisfaction surveys .

Sobre Grupo Santa Ros

Performance indicators

  • Exponential  increase in response rate.

  • 2 people were freed from carrying out tasks thanks to automation.

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“The after-sales service continues to be excellent . It shows that, it began as a tool to apply to a sector of the company, we have derived it to different verticals and firms of the company. Today we are still looking for ways to make more use of Wittysuite because it is a tool that works well. With Simpletech we understand each other and they solve things for us .” 

Head of Quality at Grupo Santa Rosa
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What they value the most
about the Solution

✓   The immediacy and ease provided by Wittysuite to be able to send a message in a timely manner according to the characteristics and behavior of each client.

✓   It has greatly improved response rates in quality and satisfaction analysis 

✓   It is very simple to use, it does not depend on anything other than loading a database into a spreadsheet.  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

It is very simple to use, it does not depend on anything other than loading a database into a spreadsheet. 

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More details about the Solution



Satisfaction surveys in real time and personalized


The objective of the intervention wassending satisfaction campaignsto clients inWhatsAppin a period of48 hours later on delivery, both sales and after-sales. Said shipments must be made in a personalized way according to the purchase time of each client. 


A new was createdconversational flow in the Wittybots chatbotin the official WhatsApp Business account of Grupo Santa Rosa. The organization was already using the tool but in this case the mission was to promote the analyzes of the quality team.  


Together with the Simpletech team, Valentina Herrera (Head of Quality at Grupo Santa Rosa), led the project. After 48 hours of delivery, each client receivesthe form to complete thepoll,in a personalized wayin your WhatsApp account.

A company committed to quality


Grupo Santa Rosa has as a pillarthe satisfactionthe client's. The Quality team needs knowtheopinionof your clients in real time, quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the brands that the company represents (especiallyNissan and Renault)demandsomehabitsin terms of sales and post-sale processes, especially in thelater stage.Among them, carrying out satisfaction surveys 48 hours after the vehicle, product and/or service is delivered. for the teamit was complexbe able to meet the times by carrying it outmanuallyand telephone. In addition, they did not have personnel dedicated 100% to the task and that made the task more cumbersome. This meant that the response rate was far from the team's aspirations and the potential loss of comments, opinions and perceptions of value from customers.

With the new chatbot, theaverage response grew exponentially.

Simpletech as a provider is an ally

“The service was excellent from the beginning. They committed to the project and understood what we needed, working in a very personalized way", says Valentina. 


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