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Aliaxis Global Supplier

Optimized and unified its communications, interconnected branches internationally and reduced its telecommunications investment by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

About Aliaxis

Aliaxis is the world's largest company in the fluid conduction pipe and fittings industry. It is a multinational group, world leader in the manufacture and distribution of systems for handling fluids mainly for construction services, infrastructure, industries and public services. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, it has a turnover of 3,000 million euros and more than 16,000 employees.

Why did they choose Simpletech

In Orlando´s Chavez words, the attention providad and the understanding of Aliaxis´ challenges by Simpletech was one of the factors that influenced the decision. In a very agile way, the solution was installed so that it could be tested. That gave them a sense of security and proffesionalism towards the  company.
Sobre Aliaxis
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"From the first moment the Simpletech team was very attentive to our inquiries, with the speed and efficiency that characterizes them, saving the difficulties that one thinks may arise when installing a remote technological solution."  

Infrastructure Manager Latin America at Aliaxis 

Challenges & Solutions



Aliaxis had a traditional telephone network and used an Avaya´s solution. It needed an alternative that would allow them  to optimize its communications on a continental level, as the demand generated by its expansion grew. All this, making the most of their infrastructure and reducing costs.  



Make the company's global communication more efficient. Remove devices and apps´ diversity when generating interactions within the organization. Reduce unnecessary fixed costs in communications.  



We provide a unified communications system to the entire corporation in Latin America through 3CX IP telephony. SIP Trunk services were installed, outgoing by cheaper option (GSM-GSM/international VoIP providers and intercompany by internal). 3CX IP technology enabled branch and user expansion quickly, securely and at no extra cost . Today different areas within the company benefit from having mobile interns, a call-center module, messaging and web videoconferences on the same platform.  


Aliaxis´ team doesn't need to know where people are to contact them. There is no need to know if they are at the office, at home, or wherever they might be. They have a single point of contact that makes them accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere.  






Offer high availability and resources´optimization



Reduce costs in management, supervision and maintenance of the telephone network, ensuring constant service without interruptions. 


The solution that we deployed has an automatic backup system and restoration in case of failures. It includes an additional standby license for use on secondary equipment. This allows to use a built-in failover (of high availability), which means that it is not necessary to buy 2 separate licenses to have the hub replicated on a second machine.  






In each country, Aliaxis has large industries with a high number of interns. This reported a problem to the IT department that, in addition to being aware of industrial equipment, also had to be aware of telephony and its wiring.  



Free the IT team from telephony incidents. 



We managed to make the IT department forget about central administration, since 3CX does not require complex administration as it has a very intuitive interface. Lines and extensions can also be easily added, and there is no additional charge or license fee. Being VOIP technology, it is enough with the data and wireless network, freeing yourself from the telephone wiring.  




Aliaxis uses Micorsoft Teams as a complementary communication tool, but it did not allow calling outside the organization. In 2020 due to the pandemic, with the increase in remote workers, it was essential to find a solution.  



Connect Microsoft Teams to the PSTN (public telephone network). 



We integrated Microsoft Teams with 3CX in a secure and reliable way, through the convenience of a Session Border Controller (SBC) which is a completely software-based solution. 
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What they value the most
about the Solution

The tool´s potential how they have been able to scale it to new areas and markets as the company expands. 

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