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Summum Private Medicine

How it managed to adapt to the post-COVID reality and overcome this health crisis challenges, becoming a benchmark company for adaptation and innovation

About Summum

Summum is the first comprehensive medical insurance in Uruguay. It is a leading company in private medicine, recognized for the quality of its services. It offers complete premium health coverage, through a network of medical providers of professional excellence. 

Why did they choose Simpletech

They found a strong willingness and full support from the Simpletech technicians. Their doubts were evacuated, the necessary tests were carried out. They provided the solution to test at no cost and were accompanied by the technicians to install it and put it into operation. 
Sobre Summum
Dolores Martinez - Summum.jpg

“They are a serious company, committed to its customers, with a very good technical level, and great knowledge of the product. In addition, they can provide additional solutions tailored to users and integrated with the base product. "  

Administration and Systems Manager

Challenges & Solutions



Join the digital transformation by incorporating new technologies into thier processes and teams. Ensure that this implementation enhances the excellent service by which the company has been that has positioned.  



Incorporate new communication channels, additional to conventional telephony.



We integrate 3CX and Wittybots solutions. The result was the technological update that they were actually looking for, with agile adaptation by users and rapid learning by technicians. 
Dolores Martinez - Summum.jpg

“It made it very easy for us to deploy remote stations immediately, autonomously, with the help of Simpletech. In addition, we have been able to maintain the quality of telephone service after the change "  

Administration and Systems Manager


The COVID-19 pandemic and immediate quarantine imposed by authorities, generated the need to incorporate remote work within the organization. This brought with it the challenge of maintaining the quality and availability of the service provided so far. 



Provide customer service remotely given the health crisis, through the addition of new communication channels. 


The above mentioned, was an easy obstacle to overcome thanks to our services and the training on Wittysuite that we provided to emploees. The reality itself with the teleworking of employees, many of them Call Center agents, and the absence of complaints from those who communicate through these channels with the company are clear proofs of the success of the implemented strategy for Dolores. This made them be prepared for the complex and uncertain reality that destabilized many other companies.  

Here we can see how the user can start its affiliation process in a practical and agile way through a virtual assistant on the company´s chatbot.
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What they value the most
about the Solution

The ease and speed of the solution´s implementation.
The agility and autonomy that the tool provides to their in-house technicians to make changes and adjustments.

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