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Ta-Ta Supermarkets

Discover how Ta-Ta managed to simplify the claim and monitor of Jira Software incidents through WhatsApp, improving the experience of internal customers. 

About Ta-Ta

Ta-Ta Supermercados is a retail company  with a track record of more than 60 years in Uruguay.  It is one of the sector´s leaders in thier industry, operates in more than 200 points of sale and is present in 100% of the Uruguayan territory, through physical branches in the 19 departments. Multi Ahorro Hogar, BAS, woOw! and Frontoy are other companies associated with the brand that operate in parallel, serving different business verticals. 

Why did they choose Simpletech

Their testimony reflects that they found in Simpletech a technological ally to achieve their omnichannel and innovation goals. Addressing disruptive ideas, which later have become a reality is another factor that has influenced the decision to choose Simpletech.
Sobre Ta-Ta
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“More than listening to proposals, we like to listen to suppliers that align with our horizon and goal of being an omnichannel and innovative company. We don't just want a chatbot. We want MORE than a chatbot. Simpletech understood it from the beginning and that's why we chose them. "  

Integral Support Coordinator at Ta-Ta Supermarkets




Following its philosophy focused on "innovation, attention to detail and continuous improvement", they approached Simpletech in search of a tool that would help them improve the experience of the company's internal customers when reporting incidents . These processes range from the attention of the cashiers, to logistics operators that travel the country delivering merchandise. The organization needed a familiar and easily accessible tool, for personnel with little connection and poor experience in digital platforms.  



Provide a new, more accessible support channel to non-computerized emploees.. This solution had to be simple for the user and also simple for the team that receives the incidents. 
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“With Simpletech´s team we have achieved a partnership. Our common partnership is to innovate, exceed expectations, and be agile. There is good teamwork... Whenever a crazy idea has come up, we never hear a No for an answer. From Simpletech, none of our explosive ideas were discarded. What's more, they were considered, studied and most of them are implemented today. Our vision is that this teamwork is incremental to all areas of the company. "  

IT Operations Manager at Ta-Ta Supermercados


The project included the integration of Wittybots and Jira Software in the client's WhatApp Business API.
The solution is divided into two branches:  


1. Incident ticket creation:
This allows the organization's employees to report and request assistance via WhatsApp when failures that require support personnel arise. This is carried out through a series of consecutive questions, which are deployed based on a funnel designed by the client. 
2. Consultation and update of active and closed incidents:
Today's support staff can report the status of each incident in real time. In addition, their superiors have access to a detailed report of what has happened and is happening with their collaborators. To this solution is added the plus of being able to add comments on the evolution of each incident, through WhatsApp audios and images. This simplified the reporting process for people with little knowledge/experience with technological tools. 


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What they value the most
about the Solution

The practicality that the development brought to the internal customers. Jira used to be an IT tool, for IT personnel. Today, thanks to its integration with WhatsApp, it has become a cross-area tool. 

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