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La Boliviana Ciacruz

They automated complex processes and successfully incorporated the omnichannel strategy they longed for into their communication strategy.
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About La Boliviana Ciacruz

Much of the history of insurance in Bolivia was written through this company . The Bolivian Ciacruz Seguros, since its foundation, laid the foundations of the Bolivian insurance system to become the only Bolivian company with more than  75 years of uninterrupted work, leading the market . He works hard every day to create a safe, efficient and innovative Bolivian system. 

Why did they choose Simpletech

The experience and knowledge of Simpletech´s team with the solutions and products offered was the reason that led them to choose us as suppliers. They also highlight the quality of customer support they received from the Support and Innovation team when asking for help and / or suggesting improvements. 
Sobre LBC
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“One of the higlight, which was fundamental in choosing to work with Simpletech, was the integration possibilities that the tool offered. Also the wide possibilities in terms of reports to be made. They gave me a lot of freedom and allow me to work with different areas of the company to continuously improve and optimize processes. "  

Digital Marketing Analyst at LBC



When he started working, La Boliviana Ciacruz´only customer service channel was its call center. They sought to integrate an omnichannel strategy into their customer service department in order to provide more efficiency and better experiencies to thier clients.


Provide greater ease of connection to its policyholders through different communication channels.  Make communication and service more efficient  of the company. 


Two communication solutions were incorporated into its communication strategy. Our conversational suite Wittysuite: the  chatbot (Wittybots) and the management platform  agents (Wittyagent) .  
According to Orquídea, who is leading the project, the implementation was very agile. Since day one, they have worked closely with the Simpletech´s innovation team, from the design of conversational flows, to the decision of which services would be integrated through automations.  
For LBC it is a success that its clients can carry out the claim report in an automated way through WhatsApp. Today their policyholders, immediately and wherever they are, can interact with the company. They have greatly streamlined the processes carried out through Wittybots. They claim that it is difficult for their users to communicate with them quickly, since their call-center is normally saturated. With this new implementation they have been able to give their users greater practicality and tranquility when having a claim and without doubts immediacy in your attention. WhatsApp is a very agile channel, users are used to chatting and communicating through it.
The implementation has flowed seamlessly from the beginning. They have always noticed a great disposition from Simpletech.
Today LBC offers various services such as self-inspection for new clients and claims reporting. Thanks to automation, these procedures, which were previously bureaucratic, tedious and even frustrating, are carried out with agility through WhatsApp . 
The company's chatbot allows the self-inspection process to be carried out for new policyholders. All the process is carried out by WhatsApp by the same user, saving time, resources and improving the customer experience.
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“The implementation has gone well from the beginning. We have always noticed that Simpletech has the best predisposition in the world to help us... At all times they have been pending to be able to get the most out of the indicators and functionalities of the tool. "  

Digital Marketing Analyst at LBC

challenge 2


With the COVID-19 pandemic, the LBC sales force did not have access to their telephony . It was an extra cost for the company to increase and replenish cell phone credit to allow them to communicate. Thus was born the need to provide them with a softphone so that they can, without inconvenience and no matter where they are, use local telephony.

Objective 2

Reestablish access to the telephony of its collaborators that the pandemic and subsequent quarantine required to be able to carry out communications from their homes remotely. Save costs and time  when establishing communications with company members throughout the country.

Solution 2

We carried out the start-up of the 3CX unified communications system and thus the company's local telephony was re-established for collaborators who work remotely, in a more flexible and efficient way. Nino Bustillos, Deputy Manager of Technology Services at LBC, commented that he evaluated Microsoft Teams as a solution, but that due to competitiveness in terms of costs and technical specifications, 3CX was selected . In his words, "We chose 3CX and the truth is that it has not disappointed, moreover, it has exceeded our expectations."
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“We definitely no longer have a dependency on the supplier. Before we needed support assistance to configure anything ... That meant extra hours to be paid every month. 3CX is so simple, we can manage it ourselves in a matter of minutes. We highly value having full autonomy. "  

Deputy Manager of Technology Services at LBC

Challenge 3


With their previous provider, Avaya, they needed extra assistance to set-up any changes and/or additions to their communications. That meant hours of surcharged service to be paid monthly. Their previous communications system, an Avaya central with poor mobility and customization, was replaced.

Goal 3

Replacing its previous communication system to have greater freedom when setting-up adjustments or additions in its communication lines. This, optimizing costs and time in operating times.

Solution 3

They say the 3CX solution is so simple that they can manage it themselves in a matter of minutes. Today they value having the autonomy they were looking for. 
"Definitely we no longer have a dependency on the supplier", comments the interviewed specialist. 
Originally the implementation was intended to provide telephony to the sales force and employees who work from home. Today we are expanding and integrating 3CX with the native telephone exchanges provided by Avaya. 3CX is the central communications interface for all the company acorss Bolivia, for all phone calls from cell phones (through Android and iOS applications on your Smartphone), for local and long distance calls. External calls also come in through 3CX and refer the centrals to their different branches throughout the country. 
An exhaustive accompaniment and training work was carried out in the management of the 3CX Unified Communications System and in the migration process of its Legacy PBX. In this way, the new tool could be gradually used and controlled, depending on the customer's availability and knowledge. This, minimizing the impact on users with the change in technology. 
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What they value the most
about the Solution

The tool´s flexibility to integrate with your other business applications and platforms. 


     26,760 interactions through the chatbot on WhatsApp in less than a year. 
     The administrative team has significantly reduced its size and automations have
      been able to cope with these losses, saving costs significantly. 
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