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Marketeres Latam

We automate customer service and registration processes for workshops at the largest marketing and management congress in Latam, reaching a 100% attendance rate.
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Marketers is massive event that adresses topics related to marketing, advertising, communication and management. For 15 years, has brought together international speakers in front of +900 professionals in search of training and update. 


Together with Simpletech, the Markteres´ team redesigned its customer service in Wittybots through a WhatsApp chatbot. In it we made available to the participants resources, activities and frequently asked questions, to assist them instantly.
The organization highlight the possibility that people could carry out the registration processes autonomously, without the need for human assistance. Additionally, thanks to an integration with their other business tools, records confirmed through the chatbot were transfered in real time to a Drive file. In it, the team could see, minute by minute, the availability of places for each workshop.
In cases where the bot was unable to resolve queries, conversations were escalated to a human agent. The person in charge of managing these queries was able to do so from one same platform, viewing the multiple conversations in parallel on a single screen.
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This is the welcome message for those who interact with the bot for the first time.


  • 5 out of 5 score in level of satisfaction by organizers.
  • 100% completed quotas in workshops in an automated inscription process.
  • 260 people registered for raffles in an automated way.
Sobre Marketers
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“Our experience with Simpletech was really great. From the beginning, they understood and accompanied us in the design of the attendee experience strategy. They were extremely agile and proactive in the implementation of the solutions. The day of the event the platform not only improved the experience of our clients, but also was extremely easy and intuitive for the team that came on board to work for Congress at the last minute.” .”  

Director and co-founder of Marketeres Latam
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What they value the most
about the Solution

The practicality that automation gave the work team. 

 Savings in management times.  

 The usability of the tool, not only in the design  of chatbot´s flows, but also when assisting people with human agents.


Marketers Latam grows year after year. Expectations were high for its 2022 edition, as it would be the first post-pandemic edition. Attendance exceeded expectations with more than 900 registered professionals. The team needed to resolve customer service in such a way that the quality level of the event and their operational obligations were not affected.



Automate customer service, free up resources, simplify enrollment processes and track participation in activities.  

How was it resolved?

Two solutions that are part of the Wittysuite conversational suite, developed by the Simpletech team, were used. On the one hand, the Wittybots chatbot builder, which allows you to create and design personalized conversation experiences according to the needs of each company. Based on them, conversation flows are created to be able to answer the various queries of the clients.
Wittyagent is a solution that allows you to attend multiple conversations simultaneously with human agents. Even though these conversations are taking place on different channels such as: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and webchat.
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“If I had to rate the experience I would give it a 5 out of 5. Even taking into account the very short time we had to design and develop the chatbot. Wittysuite's platform is great. It was very intuitive for me from the start. We quickly we quickly mastered how to use it and could manage queries very easily. Being able to see all the active conversations on one screen was super handy."  

Administration Department at Marketers Latam
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