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ACAC Cooperative

They optimized their query management through WhatsApp Business, offering quick and automated responses to improve their clients' experience

About ACAC

ACAC is a savings and credit cooperative by capitalization that is governed by current legislation and is guided by the philosophy, principles and values of solidarity, mutual aid and continuous improvement. 
Sobre Microfin

“My experience with Simpletech and their team is really great. We've been working together for years. We are surprised by the potential of the tool and it is a pleasure to have the speed and efficiency that they work to provide us with solutions that are already developed or not”. 

Commercial Supervisor

Challenges & Solutions



The management of inquiries via WhatsApp was very inefficient. Each commercial executive managed it from personal accounts. That was a problem for the supervisors to be able to measure and monitor the management, attention and emergence of prospects and customers in general.  



  • Unify contacts in order to have better control of the channel. In this way, be more efficient at the time of deriving each conversation according to the geographical location of each person to the indicated sales executive.
  • Provide a better experience to customers and prospects, via quick and automated responses through a chatbot.


Today it is possible to receive inquiries in an organized manner through the official ACAC account on WhatsApp, thanks to our tool WittyBots. This is a low-code chatbot builder that allows you to create conversation flows to address, for example, frequent queries and customer complaints.
Through the official channel of WhatsApp Business, ACAC today also carries out product requests, which before were handled manually. This process, which was previously tedious and not very agile, was automated. This made the sales processes take longer and the conversion rate was negatively affected.

“For ACAC, today everything ends in WhatsApp, and this solution improves our customers' experience on this channel. Before, it was impossible for us to measure the performance of so many executives spread throughout Uruguay. Thanks to Simpletech and the chatbot that we developed together, we were able to break barriers of time and geographic location and we managed to take a step forward that opened the doors to digital transformation”.

Commercial Supervisor


Hubo un momento en que la cantidad de leads (posibles clientes) que recibían de un proveedor los sobrepasó, y no llegaban a filtrar los primeros pasos ni a contestar en tiempo real a quienes consultaban en el momento.

Objetivo: ordenar y clasificar los leads que llegaban para su correcta gestión. 

Solución: se utilizó WIttySuite para organizar diferentes bandejas. A una de ellas se le asignó este proveedor, donde los leads ya llegan filtrados con determinadas característisticas que indican que cumplen con las condiciones mínimas para continuar con la gestión de ventas, sabiendo que ese lead está más calificado que los que les llegaban antes de forma desordenada. 

Esto les permitió asignarles asesores a esa bandeja para que respondan en tiempo y forma.


El área de cobranzas necesitaba una forma de comunicarse con los clientes que cumplían con ciertas condiciones de deudas, ya sea de forma masiva o individual.
Solución: por medio de WittySend, se envían HSM (mensajes preaprobados por WhatsApp) para casos de deudas, cuyas respuestas las reciben en una bandeja específica de WittyAgent gestionada por el sector de cobranzas. 
La solución les permite además, que una vez que la persona entra al bot, si el sistema detecta que tiene una determinada cantidad de días de atraso, se lo dirija a la bandeja de cobranzas. 
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What they value the most
about the Solution

"Being able to serve clients in a massive way without increasing personnel costs."

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