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WEBINAR and online DEMO: NOVEMBER 25, 2020, 4 PM. UYU


Customer Service and
Outbound Marketing
for success in times
of zafra

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The World Cup of Companies on WhatsApp, a penca for everyone

A new exchange session where we will teach you how to provide a comprehensive experience  and successful when interacting with your customers and we will present you all the new functionalities  from Witty's Conversational Suite. 
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What will you learn?

The same as in a traditional penca:each participant of the company predicts the result of each match, and at the end of the tournament, the one with the most points wins,It's that simple! 

Contributors should not downloadno APPnor enternowhere; they simply reply to the outgoing message sent by the company and that's it. havethe penca in his pockets🤳 


PencaBOT takes care ofautomaticallyto do thePositions tablewith the results andweekly rankings📊 

Participants will be able to:

⚽ Predict match by match | 🏆 Choose champion | 👟 Choose Golden Boot |🥇 Choose Ballon d'Or



Activate the corresponding alerts 

Any user can activate in PencaBOT anotification systemwhich will notify you about uncompleted match alerts and weekly your position in the table.

Notificacion PencaBot Simpletech.png

Customize your bot

I included the logo of your company in the images of the penca and in the communications.

You can personalize the interaction by creating funquizzes with prizesto your collaborators to encourage World Cup passion! (additional costs of the basic package). 

Are you interested in your company? Write us

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