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San Cristobal Insurance

We managed to automate the complex car accident claim process through a chatbot. Today 9 out of 10 clients evaluate very positively an experience that is often cumbersome and frustrating. 
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About San Cristóbal

San Cristóbal Seguros is an Argentine company, whose permanent growth and efficient resource´s administration have made it a leading company in the region and expert in automotive insurance industry.  The organization is committed to growth, encouraging itself to get outside of the traditional structure of the insurance world, breaking schemes and barriers through innovation. 
Sobre San Cristóbal
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“I am amazed at how responsive they are. They have a super committed team. Their after-sales service is very good... I want to emphasize the customer support 100%. If an email is sent they are there, if the phone is picked up they are. In everything we ask of them, they accompany us, to be able to reach the best final solution as a team. "  

Marketing and Innovation Analyst at San Cristóbal Seguros



Through a study of the company's positioning, it was detected that there was an opportunity to improve communication with customers and suppliers . From there, the different customer´s touch-points were mapped. They discovered that the distress area was one in which more focus had to be made. The delay in taking complaints when the insured had a claim made even more frustrating a process that by its nature is unpleasant.  



Report a claim through WhatsApp to speed up and make the process more efficient.
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“The process we develop is very simple for the insured. The virtual assistant ends up being super useful. It allows the person to resume their routine with greater agility.

It is super easy, intuitive, fast and simple. "  

Marketing and Innovation Analyst at San Cristóbal Seguros


We designed a chatbot that was integrated into the company´s official WhatsApp channel. It allows policyholders to self-manage the claim reporting process, from the accident report to the final damage report.
San Cristóbal Insurance´s customers now can, by their own means, carry out a complex proccess, without having to resort to or wait for the company's emploee, saving time, resources and frustration. Together with the San Cristóbal´s team, we developed an intuitive, agile and efficient conversation tree that, according to them, has worked successfully from day one.
The Uruguayan branch grew to double the demand for policyholders in recent times. His virtual assistant also accompanied this expansion, being today the main character of 50% of San Cristóbal´s  claims. 
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San Cristóbal´s client can quickly access a multiplicity of services and procedures through a virtual assistant. They can even communicate through audio messages. In the end, they are able to rate its experience.
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"At present, with the new generations and the advancement of new technologies, time is precious. We have to give the customer a quick response. A process that through the traditional way can take a 40 minute, today it is self-managed in 8-10 minutes thanks to our virtual assistant "  

Marketing and Innovation Analyst at San Cristóbal Seguros


     9 out of 10 customers evaluate very positively their experience with the chatbot. 
     50% of users report claims through WhatsApp
     Reduction of customer waiting time in case of claims from 40 to 8 minutes
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What they value the most
about the Solution

It is a very useful tool that provides agility to the user at a time of high frustration. The time saved by this automation is of great value to the user. 

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