It is a self-administered platform for SMS Marketing, allows to send bulk Text Messages through Gateways.

The customer uses their SMS packages to send without relying on a third party who charges a commission for sending the message.

The Gateway from which the shipment is made can be purchased, pre-existing or SimpleTECH can offer you a dedicated team in our infrastructure.

SMS Marketing has opening rate higher than email

As SMS does not depend on internet connection, is a not saturated channel and has a very high opening rate, makes it a preferred option to reach more people.

With Simple SMS it is possible to incorporate the sending of SMS to your communication mix! 


Advantages of Simple SMS

  • Simple web delivery system, without software installation, immediate implementation.

  • Real-time sending or smart campaigns. Schedule your SMS campaigns that you want to send at the most convenient day and time.

  • Message personalization.

  • Messages are no longer just characters. Being able to include a short URL, allows traffic to the online store, web, blog, social networks.

  • It is possible to send an SMS of up to 160 characters in one message, with the possibility of sending up to 5 concatenated SMS.

  • Database administration. Import your contacts from a .CSV file.

  • Access to statistics of delivery of your SMS campaigns in real time.

How to apply it in your company?


  • Promotions and offers

  • Special discounts

  • Nuevos productos


  • Decrease percentage of debtors in your company by sending

payment reminders  to your customers with overdue invoices

Information Submissions

  • News

  • Schedule changes

  • Cancellations

  • Surveys


  • Reservation Reminder

  • Provide better service and lower absenteeism rate

  • Invitation and confirmation to events