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3CX offers advanced Contact Center features

It offers maximum employee productivity and better customer service. 

Make sales, offer support, solve problems and build customer relationships using the latest in unified communications and technology.
With the  3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin, your agents can chat, call and video call your website visitors in real time for a truly seamless customer experience.

3CX ensures that your employees can work more efficiently, track their progress, and provide valuable interactions that your customers will remember.
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Customer service, 
Contact Center

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Never miss a call

Traditional PBXs with call center functionality have proven too expensive or difficult to set up.
3CX solves this problem with  3CX PRO.
Simple and intuitive call center management offers the information required to monitor call queues in real time, ensuring that not a single incoming call is missed.


      Integrated dashboard for real-time monitoring.
      Detailed reports  of the longest waiting time and calls
      Agent logs time in and out of their queue
      SLA and  statistics of  callback.
      Callback option to avoid waiting and monitoring
      queue status.
      Checking the number of calls in a queue.


Guaranteed quality service

Your agents will always achieve their goals. Check the average and longest wait times as well as the shortest talk time to ensure that no customer leaves your call center unsatisfied.

      Sign in and sign out of agents .

      Hunt by Threes - Randomized and prioritized.

      Callback - Callers can hang up

      and  hold your position.

      Round Robin configuration.

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Superior features

All the tools to review the performance of your agents

Answered calls, abandoned calls, longest average wait time and more are at your fingertips, allowing you to ensure your call center is running smoothly at any time.

Intervention modes on the calls of your agents:  

     Listen mode: allows you to listen to a call without the person 
     that  Call or agent know.

     Whisper mode: suitable for training new agents during
     a live call.

     Barge mode: allows you to barge in on a call if your agents are not
     they are doing a good job.
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It is a self-managing platform for scheduling automated phone calls.

It allows you to make large volumes of contacts quickly using your prerecorded voice message and personalizing the communication.

SIMPLE: It facilitates the loading of contacts, the diffusion and the report of the generated results.
CUSTOMIZED : It is possible to design the entire process according to the needs of each company.  Contacts are uploaded using company xls or csv.


​Results of each campaign


The calls are filtered between dates, statuses, results of each call.​
Marketing and sales
Calls for Announcements
Prerecorded Audios
Notices / Emergencies
Debtors notice
Satisfaction Surveys
Confirm Appointments, visits
Maintenance coordination
Claim Payments

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